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Labour With Love - Pack The perfect Hospital Bag

Ok so you you've heard the chat, been advised multiple times by those 'in the know' and you've read a few articles on what you need for the birth, but if you've not got your head around it then worry not. We've put together a nice little list that will ensure you've got all your needs and wants for labour packed together nice and neatly in one bag.

Here’s our tips on packing your go-to hospital bag for pre and post labour.


  • Choose a bag that has easy access and one that you can zip up to keep your belongings secure and safe when left. Our large totes are great for the labour ward and designed to evolve as a buggy changing bag straight after.

  • Choose a bag that's roomy but sturdy enough to stay upright - to avoid unnecessary bending over in awkward positions!

  • A protective coating on the outside adds an added layer of protection for your baby's items inside.

  • Choose a bag with several pockets so you can separate things out and find things easily.

  • Attach a luggage tag with your name and contact numbers (you AND your named hospital partner) so it’s easily identifiable.


  • Toothbrush/paste/face wash/shower gel, shampoo, hairbrush - use the same principles as if you're off on a weekend break. Treat yourself to some special washing products for a post-labour treat.

  • Take your make-up and remover - it’s nice to splash a little something on your face when you’re leaving hospital.

  • Grab a couple of post-labour pads and breast pads too, always good to be prepared should you need them.

  • A couple of nighties / PJs with easy access for breast feeding - a long shirt is ideal as is a button-down nightie or PJs.

  • Slip-on slippers, you will defo need these for shared bathroom usage. Pair of warm socks comes in handy.

  • Your pregnancy notes, birth plan and baby journal, pen for note-taking. Useful to chart your contractions, comments from the doctors and midwives, your worries, concerns and feelings.

  • Your re-fillable water bottle

  • Take go-home clothes for leaving hospital + a few pairs of post-labour nics. Choose an outfit that’s easy to put on and you enjoy wearing. When it comes to pants, get yourself some practical but attractive ones that you'll feel good putting on - take your lifts when you can!

  • For the baby: x2 baby grows, hats and mits

  • Nappies, sterilised bottle, muslin cloths, flannel

  • Baby blanket - the hospital will provide you one with suitable blankets post labour but choose one for leaving hospital

  • Baby car seat - if you're driving.

Have your own toiletry bag to keep your own essentials in


Ear plugs and eye masks can be handy if you’re on a ward before you have the baby.

If you’re waiting around, consider reading materials, puzzles, mags etc, whatever stimulates the mind and takes you away from the monotonous waiting in between bits!

Music: if you want music for labour load up your phone with the tunes you think you might like to have on - don't forget your portable speaker.

People choose music for different reasons: to calm, for motivation, all time favourites and so on. Just remember, don't worry if you haven't got all your favourite tracks and certainly don't worry about trying to make sure the 'one' song is timed as your baby enters the world - trust me, the background music choice will be the last thing on your mind.

Energy tablets and flavoured drinks are a useful short-term tasty quick fix to keep energy levels up. During labour you may forget to eat or go off it, and these are quick to sip and nibble on without getting the knife and fork out ask your hospital partner(s) to remind you occasionally if you need any substinence.

A favourite photo, item of clothing or lucky mascot.


Keeping anything of value at home e.g. jewellery, clothes, fave coat.

We know that labour staff are really over-stretched at times which can mean the old-fashioned 'bedside manner' isn't always top of the priority list. Stay civil, pleasant and appreciative of the staff working hard around you. But remember, if your gut is saying something is not quite right, keep calm and speak up firmly and politely. Be persistent and ask your birth partner to speak for you if you are otherwise engaged. It's your first time and you are new to this.

Choose a protective bag to keep your belongings in


We’ve designed a bag especially with you in mind.

Tiggy + Bo totes have been designed to be by your side from inside the hospital ward to taking your first steps outside with your baby.

Our knockout colourways bring spirit and reassurance to your birthing journey. Safe in the knowledge you've got all your things packed, you can sit back and relax and let your bag do the talking.

Protected on the outside with a quality coating finish and gold studs that keep it off the floor. Generous pockets on the inside to house everything you need in perfect order.

An upright bag with useful pockets is great for keeping items in order


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