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Inspired by her colleagues, the City and her artistic parents - whom Tiggy + Bo is named after - TV Producer/Director, Inventor and mum Amy Murray Jones draws on her environment, travels and professional career to create a dynamic and edgy brand to ease busy lives in style.  


Freedom to express a creative and unique style, away from the restrictions of social norms, is at the heart of the the Tiggy + Bo brand.  Stand out products have been designed to enhance the everyday and those special moments with flair.

Care, love and thought have gone into every single item to create a range of high quality, robust and stand out products.


Tiggy + Bo, created by Amy who has collaborated with people who are passionate about what they do resulting in a unique collection.  Signature striking patterns, vibrant colourways and high quality materials all come together for a look that's enduring and unique.

Loved by users, they are the faithful go-to accessory for creative professionals, hard working parents and fun loving individuals.

Whilst striving for individuality, Tiggy + Bo's ethos believes strongly in inclusivity and equality in every aspect of life, and we support local and regional organisations that promote these values.

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