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Inspired by her colleagues, the City and her artistic parents - whom Tiggy + Bo is named after - TV Producer/Director and South London resident Amy Murray Jones has created a dynamic and edgy brand for life's go-getters.


Freedom to express a creative and unique style, away from the restrictions of social norms, is at the heart of the the Tiggy + Bo brand.  Every day products are enhanced with characterstic flair that adds edge and confidence to all who dare to wear.

This debut collection has been two years in development, testing and the sampling process culminating in a range of high quality, durable and bags to match those most human of characteristics we are reaching for right now; resilience, strength and resourcefulness.


A team of talent has come together to create this unique collection of striking patterns, vibrant colourways and high quality materials that all come together to create an optimistic 'look-at-me' aesthetic.

Loved in the business by make-up artists, presenters, celebs and the go to accessory for mums, cyclists, walkers, party people and everyone else in between, these are the bags they swear by.

Whilst striving for individuality, Tiggy + Bo's ethos believes strongly in inclusivity and equality in every aspect of life, and we support local and regional organisations that promote these values.

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