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Choosing your perfect everyday bag

If like me, you lead a busy life that sees you on the school run one minute and rushing to work the next, or taking the dog for a walk whilst getting dinner in AND running errands, then you'll always jump at the chance of a shortcut, correct?

And when it comes to remembering all those essentials you need for your ever changing day - tissues, keys, umbrella, face mask, work pass, lippy, wallet, phone, pick-up snacks (mega important), re-useable shopping bag, water bottle, the list goes on - you need one place you can chuck it all in with maximum ease and minimum faff.

Having designed products and bags for almost a decade I've been up close and personal with what people like you and I really need when it comes to making our lives easier. Here are the key things to look out for to get the right bag for your multi-tasking, busy life whilst still maintaining your own unique style.


Quality is key: Choose a bag that’s robust and won’t mind being manhandled, tugged, pulled, stretched and chucked on the floor on a regular basis! So check the quality (thickness, flexibility) of the main body of fabric as well as inspecting the clasps, zipper, straps and liner.


Don’t get caught out in extreme weather conditions, you need a bag that you can take out in the rain and not worry about hiding in your coat if it’s raining, or if it’s going to be damaged by sunlight. Ideally choose a bag that has a waterproof or water resist coating or treatment and is easy to wipe clean of those spurious stains!


Choosing a bag that adapts to our multi-tasking lives gives you one less thing to think about. “I need a bag that I can take from one environment to the next with ease: the school run to the office, to a night out with friends” is a sentiment I frequently hear. One bag that can blend from one aspect of your life to another gives you one less thing to think about. So, look for a simple colourway that matches the majority of your wardrobe and an uncomplicated but striking pattern will give you the option to give the outfit a lift when it needs to.


Think about what your daily essentials are, put them all together and then look for the appropriate sized bag that will leave ample room to fit ad hoc bits as and when. Some people like to keep it minimal and so a compact bag does just the job. Others like the security of knowing they’re prepared for any eventuality - a scarf, mac, full make-up kit, laptop etc and so will need a larger sized vessel. One of my customers says she loves a larger tote that you can “chuck everything into” and sling over your shoulder. If you're going for a larger size remember to get a bag that's sturdy enough to hold it's shape when it's on the floor. You don't want everything rolling it every time you put it down.


Whether you wear it over your shoulder, cross body or round your waist, a bag holds a lot of weight and so it needs to be comfortable whilst in use. Avoid thin straps and fussy handles. An extra thick strap that’s soft but strong will divide the weight distribution so it’s less taxing on your shoulder. There are currently some great straps in lots of colours on the market with branded embossing and funky colour ways.

Your Style

I really believe that how we express ourselves and present ourselves to the outside world can really effect how we feel inside and so looking as good as is practicable really boosts our wellbeing (let’s be honest, we don’t have hours to spend on looking our sartorial best every day do we?!).

Choose a bag that can make your outfit pop, expresses a part of who you are and will blend in at work but stand out on a night out.

For a bag that incorporates all the above visit for some affordable funky choices.

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