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Decided to journal?  New start?  Or just forgetting things and need to jot stuff down?!  Then here is your sustainable answer.


These eco-consiously created journals have been made using high quality lined paper and the off-cuts from our production processes.  Each journal has been carefully covered in our unique designs on highest quality fabrics.  From our emerald ikat repeat to a super soft blush pink silk, beautiful to the touch inside and out. 


Every inch of fabric is precious to us so we decided that rather than creating landfill waste, we could put our unique designs to create beautiful notebooks that would lift the spirit of every user.   


Inside every journal is our special branded message, stamped with our striking gold wing motif, a satin page finder that complements the fabric and hardback cover for ease of use.


*Silky smooth lined pages follow to record your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.


*Perfectly sized to fit in your handbag, pouch, tote or messenger bag.


*Choose from our in-house designs including leo print in black, aqua green and white, emerald green ikat, block print spot repeat in camel or plain fabrics, or royal purple velvet, blush pink silk.


Our journals are filled with high quality lined pages and come in two sizes starting at £12.


Our Sustainably Focused range has been made from cleverly constructed pattern cutting tecniques in order to utilise as much fabric as possible, thereby minimising off-cut waste that would usually go to landfill.  We have thought carefully about the products we make and how we construct them.  We are proud of the result!


  • Hardback notebook with 100% cotton covering.  

    Size: approximately 13 x 18 cm 

    Pages: 72 lined pages

    Gold embossed logo inside with message


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