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For those dreaming of a long haul exotic excursion or a weekend away, this is the perfect gift for stylish adventurers with a conscience.


Part of our Sustainably Focused Range our eye-catching and eco-friendly travel set adds a unique touch to any luggage piece and has been designed exclusively.


Hand-made using the excess fabric from our manufacturing processes (that would otherwise go to landfill) we have optimised on our unique patterns and colourways to create useful accessories with an individual touch.


Using both digital and silk-screen techniques printed onto the highest quality cotton with a silky smooth finish they've the perfect aesthetic for life on the move.



Instantly I-D your luggage with eye-catching luggage tags

Protect and spot your passport in an instant with the padded covers

Hand-made so that each piece is unique to you

Range of in-house designs to suit your personality

Eco-conscious products for guilt free living

High quality cotton and leather for a luxe finish.


Our Sustainably Focused range has been made from cleverly constructed pattern cutting tecniques in order to utilise as much fabric as possible, thereby minimising off-cut waste that would usually go to landfill.  We have thought carefully about the products we make and how we construct them.  We are proud with the result!


SKU: 00012
Size: One size
  • We take our impact on the environment very seriously and we have collaborated to create a range of beautiful screen-printed travel accessories to give your journey flair and individuality.

    Each item is created by hand, using the off-cut fabric from manufacturing our in-house designs ensuring minimal waste with maximum aesthetic effect for our customers.

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